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Paediatric Podriatry

Paediatric podiatry is the area of podiatry, which diagnoses and treats foot problems in children and adolescents.

When should I take my child to a podiatrist?

Ideal for preventive check is in the age of 4 years (or afterwards). In this age the child has already established an own walking pattern (gait).

There are a number of symptoms that make us suspect about a presence of a pathology which demand to conduct a review of the gait of your child:

  • It often complains about pain in the heels, knees or legs
  • It often falls
  • It diverts one or both feet when walking
  • It walks with the feet inward
  • It walks on the toes or ball of the foot
  • It complains of itching or burning sensation in the feet, toes and nails
  • It presents some alteration in the toes placement

In general, if the problem is related to gait disturbances or muscle pain, a biomechanical study shall be done:

  • Exploration of the biomechanics through clinical tests in which the state of the ankle, knee, hip and the spine are tested
  • Computerized study of the tread and the gait by the help of a pressure sensitive Platform.

The biomechanical assessment duration is approximately ¾ hour and at the end a comprehensive colour printed report with the diagnosis, the prognosis and a treatment plan is issued.

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