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Diabetic Footcare

Diabetes Mellitus, commonly known as diabetes is a metabolic disease characterized by elevated blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) typically caused by a reduced level of insulin.

One of the most devastating consequences of diabetes is the “diabetic foot syndrome”, in which the infection and destruction of deep tissues of the foot occurs, generating the so-called “diabetic foot ulcers”, which are very difficult to cure. At worst cases, this can lead up to amputation.

In addition to a metabolic control of the disease, the prevention and control through regular visits at a podiatrist is important; this can lead to discover risk factors and take corrective actions in order to minimize the risk that an uninjured foot becomes a diabetic foot with ulceration.

For diabetic patients we recommend to conduct a first review, which takes about 3/4 to 1-hour time with the following protocol:

  • Recording of the clinical disease history and collection of all relevant data thereof
  • Questionnaire about pain in the lower extremities, numbness, tingling, etc..
  • Assessment of both, sensory and motor neuropathy
  • Vascular Assessment

The purpose of this protocol is to detect in which risk-group each diabetic patient belongs to. Depending on the group, the frequency of future checks will vary. For high-risk patients with ulceration, monthly checks shall be performed and for patients at low risk, an annual control may be sufficient.

At the end of the visit, following the protocol, a chiropody (nail trimming and delamination of hyperkeratosis) is performed, recommending to the patient the need for a biomechanical examination, if it is considered relevant to prevent the appearance of ulcers.

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