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Podiatric dermatology

Athlete’s foot, fungal infections (Dermatomycosis)

What is a common fungal infection?

Under the term of common fungal infection (Dermatomycosis) are all fungal infection of the skin summarized.

For the foot, “tinea pedis” or “athlete’s foot” is the most common infection caused by dermatophyte fungi. Contagion occurs typically when walking barefoot in damp areas.

How do I know if I have athlete’s foot?

There are a number of signs and symptoms, easy observable, that make us suspect of the presence of fungal infection in the foot:

  • Bad smell
  • Burning or intense itching
  • Small blisters, cracks or peeling skin between the toes, most often in the space between 4th and 5th toe
  • Sole desquamation, entire or in the medial arch area


Diagnosis of “athlete’s foot” is confirmed with the Wood’s lamp exam. The fungus produces a change in the ultraviolet light emitted from the lamp. This change is analysed visually.

Treatment of the Athlete’s Foot

A number of hygienic measures and the application of a local topical antifungal treatment by a lotion, cream or powder will be combined. The choice of the treatment depends on the extent of the injuries and its presentation.

As in nail fungus, hygienic measures are important to cure the athlete’s foot:

  • Treatment of the footwear with antifungal agents (powder or spray)
  • Change daily the footwear
  • Change socks daily, preferably use socks made of natural fibre
  • Use soap with an acidic pH value and a antimicrobial component for daily hygiene
  • Using a towel exclusively for the feet
  • Conduct a thorough drying of the entire foot, especially the spaces between toes
  • Control excess sweating by antiperspirant products

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