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Podiatric dermatology

Chiropody/Medical pedicure

What is a chiropody?

It is known as the set of “manuals Techniques treating ailments and diseases affecting the feet”.

First, there will be a visually inspection of the skin and the nails, assessing:

  • Skin condition: degree of drying / sweating. Presence of wounds, cracks, hard skin /callus/corn, verrucae/warts. Presence of pressure zones resulting to corn/callus.
  • State of the nails: colour, integrity, thickness, ingrowing toenails, suspected fungal nail infections.

The next step is the cutting and milling of the nails. If corns, calluses or helomas are present, they are removed with a scalpel and filed so that the skin will be smooth and homogeneous.Finally, a relaxing massage is performed using an appropriate cream for your skin type.

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