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Biomechanic is an interdisciplinary science studying the effect of forces on living organisms. From the podiatric point of view, the effect of forces on the musculoskeletal system of the foot is of key interest.

A biomechanical assessment will analyse these effects in the gait of the patient (static and dynamic).

When should you make a biomechanical assessment?

  • For adults or athletes, if repeated injuries of the foot, ankle, knee or hip occur.
  • For diabetic patients to assess overpressure zones in the foot and to prevent injuries.
  • For children, when you detect that your child walks in a “strange” way or commonly complain of fatigue when walking or playing sports.

A biomechanical assessment takes about ¾ to 1 hour and consists of several phases:

  • Joints assessment of foot and ankle. Rating of the joint range
  • In children: Assessment joint range of the hip
  • Muscular assessment of the leg, foot and ankle. Muscle function tests
  • Biomechanical Test
  • Computerized gait analysis (static and dynamic) by the help of a pressure sensitive platform.

After completing the biomechanical assessment, we will deliver a colour printed report with the result of the scan, the biomechanical testing, the static and dynamic analysis and the diagnosis and an individual treatment proposal.

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